Regional overview

PEC serves a diverse, expansive, and well-connected region of Central Texas. Businesses in the PEC service territory can position themselves to hire talent from both Austin and San Antonio. With the area’s rapidly growing population, your business can benefit from a growing workforce and well-established assets and infrastructure. There are 10 major seaports within 200 miles of PEC’s service territory and two international airports serve the region. A booming economy and a cost of living below the national average have the talent pool expanding rapidly in the area.

  • Service area median age: 39
  • Service area average household income: $111,033
  • Service area average home value: $352,152

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North region
The Northern region of PEC’s service territory is experiencing record growth, with businesses — including tech giants like Apple and Amazon — expanding rapidly to the north and west of Austin. The region includes Burnet, Travis, and Williamson counties, and is home to PEC’s fastest growing operations district in Liberty Hill. The North region boasts exemplary schools, a booming economy, and Hill Country beauty — all within a short drive to Austin.

  • North region total population: 401,329
  • North region median age: 39
  • North region average household income: $114,381
  • North region average home value: $352,152

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South region
The Southern region of PEC’s service territory, including Blanco, Kendall, Comal, and Hayes counties, is optimally located between Austin and San Antonio. The region provides businesses access to all of the amenities of both cities, including a growing, skilled workforce and close proximity to two international airports.

  • South region total population: 247,230
  • South region median age: 39
  • South region average household income: $105,421
  • South region average home value: $350,167

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West region
To the west, much of our territory is a beautiful, expansive region popular for getaways for outdoor activities. With its easy access, reasonable cost of living, beautiful rural scenery, and abundance of wildlife, this region has become a place where many individuals take their vacations or maintain second homes.

  • West region total population: 3,031
  • West region median age: 60
  • West region average household income: $72,854
  • West region average home value: $310,916

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