The strength of PEC’s system sets us apart from other cooperatives. Because we serve both densely populated and land-rich areas, PEC has developed a robust system with three phase distribution and transmission level power optimal for commercial and industrial electric service. Substations strategically placed throughout the territory enhance reliability. On average, members experience a service interruption every 1.5 years, and the average duration of a service interruption is less than 60 minutes.

Not only is PEC’s existing infrastructure fully capable of handling the needs of even the largest industrial clients, we will also work with you to design any necessary line extension to your new site. Whether three phase, dual feed, overhead, or underground power best suits your needs, our design team will work with you to get it right.

Our team can also work with city and community officials through the variance process by producing designs and options tailored to their requirements. PEC stands ready to quickly and cost-effectively deliver your electric infrastructure.

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