About Us

PEC is an industry-recognized leader with a forward-thinking mentality that ensures businesses and members alike benefit from the most innovative and reliable electric service available. Serving 8,100 square miles, PEC is the largest electric cooperative in the nation, and provide power to a region that is home to more than 2.1 million Texans.

Our job doesn’t end as an electric provider. We also support state-of-the-art technology including backup generation, renewable energy, and battery technology. Plus, business owners and developers can work with our dedicated commercial staff to identify potential sites, understand demographics and trends, and utilize staff services when relocating a business.

We represent a region of Texas experiencing high growth and development, including Austin, San Antonio, and the booming areas between and around them. Our members enjoy the benefits of infrastructure built for the demands of the cities and industries that call them home.

As a cooperative, the only profits we’re concerned about are yours. With nearly 28,000 industrial accounts — and counting — we provide the best energy solutions on the market for your growing business. Our energy and design services optimize your electric service for your needs, and our dedicated commercial accounts team provides you with personalized support.

Since 1938, our operations have grown to include nearly 23,000 miles of line and over 326,000 meters. With all this experience, PEC brings unparalleled expertise to your company’s needs. We set our standards high and work around-the-clock to exceed them. That’s why our reliability ratings are some of the best in the state.