From the moment you begin looking for a location for your business in PEC’s service area, we are here to help. From site selection and infrastructure design, to ensuring that you are taking full advantage of money-saving rate plans, we’re with you every step of the way.

The strength of PEC’s system sets us apart from other cooperatives. Because we serve both densely populated and land-rich areas, PEC has developed a robust system with three phase distribution and transmission level power optimal for commercial and industrial electric service. Substations strategically placed throughout the territory enhance reliability. On average, members experience a service interruption every 1.5 years, and the average duration of a service interruption is less than 60 minutes.

Not only is PEC’s existing infrastructure fully capable of handling the needs of even the largest industrial clients, we will also work with you to design any necessary line extension to your new site. Whether three phase, dual feed, overhead, or underground power best suits your needs, our design team will work with you to get it right.

Our team can also work with city and community officials through the variance process by producing designs and options tailored to their requirements. PEC stands ready to quickly and cost-effectively deliver your electric infrastructure.

As a not-for-profit cooperative, we work to design rates that are as close to cost as possible. The cost of power is pass-through, and if there are extra margins they are returned to you through capital credits.

Commercial accounts have access to programs that assist in lowering energy costs through potential discounts and optimized planning. Our experts can tailor a rate plan to your projected usage and find the options that save you the most. For example, if you are able to shift your usage outside of peak hours, you may find savings on our Time-of-Use Rate Plan.

Whether you fit in with our small (<75 kW) or large (>75kW) power plans, need high-voltage primary service or lower-voltage secondary service, our team will make sure you receive the most effective service possible.

Click here to learn more about our large power rate plans.

To go along with your robust, reliable electric service, PEC has specialized offerings from our Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Accounts department.

Our C&I team works with a diverse segment of businesses to include industrial, manufacturing, large commercial, national retail, utilities, government, education, healthcare and hospitality industries all across the PEC service territory. The team focuses on the unique needs of our large power members to understand and optimize business operations by working with our members on energy management, expansion of current operations and actively recruiting industries to the PEC service territory through innovative business development, strategic energy sales and effective energy programs.

As a member of the Cooperative, you will have access to these services to support your business operations.

If you are looking to expand or relocate into PEC’s service territory, let us leverage our knowledge and relationships to get your business where it needs to be.

Our Strategic Growth Team can help you identify potential communities and sites for your business. Once you’ve identified the right community, we’ll work with local officials to help you locate the right site. We can also help identify incentive opportunities through communities and working partners.

PEC is proud of our longstanding commitment to renewable energy options. We offer several options to help your business manage electricity consumption and hit its renewable energy targets.

We manage a portfolio of Texas Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) that we offer to our members through an adder to the energy rate, selling remaining RECs to maximize the value to membership. We also have experience and expertise registering sites to receive Texas RECs through the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

We can work with your business to install solar, batteries, EV chargers or other on-site solutions to meet your needs.