At PEC, we know that any sound business decision is based in part on data. That’s why we’ve gathered relevant demographic information for our service territory here. We hope you will find these statistics compelling as you consider bringing your business to our growing, educated, and spacious area.

This chart displays the age of the population in our service territory, broken down into the three key geographic regions. As you can see, the bulk of the population lives in the North part of PEC’s service territory, which also skews younger.

Census Tracts


Tracts of Land



PEC is here to help you find potential sites for your business in our area. The above graphic displays the number of suitable properties we have identified that are currently available. Contact us now to discuss your needs and we can refer you to tracts that fit your business.

The northern portion of the PEC service territory is the most dense and urban, with the south being more of a mixture of urban, suburban, and rural. The western region is rural and spacious, with lower costs and plenty of room to grow.

Average Household Income (2020)







Knowing the average household income of a region can be insightful in several ways; it correlates with the cost of living, land prices, and the education and skill level of the population. Looking at household income is instructive when comparing affluence and living standards between different areas.

If you are going to need access to a specific type of employee for your business, knowing the breakdown of the population’s employment class may be helpful. Educated and skilled workers are abundant in the service territory, especially in the north and south regions.